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Also marketed under the name Continental, it is the rarest of the Philco Predicta Models. This Scandinavian-inspired design with its mid-century appeal will be the perfect compliment to your amoebae coffee table. Its 24" color screen on a floor standing hand-crafted cabinet of either maple or mahogany commands attention. The attraction to the Danish Modern comes from one of the most basic rules of mid-century modern design: simple geometric angles creating a complicated geometic form. The seemingly simple rectangular cabinet takes on a whole new look when the legs attach to the side. Four angled, tapered legs extend from the slim straight cabinet to give the set its rocket ship feel. Each "simple" leg has 8 different angles to its form, combined at a 42 degree angle to meet the cabinet. Gold cloth keeps with the streamline styling finished with a brass shadowbox that houses the functioning channel selector, Predicta script, and a stylized Telstar "T".

Living Shot (click for larger view)

Front Detail

50H x 27W x 21D


Side & Angle Shots
(click each for larger view)




Ruby Red

Red Walnut


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